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My Print Boutique version 3.56 -
Special Instructions for Windows Vista

After you install your My Print Boutique program - on your desktop 'right click (your mouse)' the My Print Boutique icon & select 'Run As Administrator' to give My Print Boutique administrator privileges. You only have to do that 1 time.



My Print Boutique version 3.56 -
Critical Update

Users who purchased MPB 3.55 at Seminar 2004 in Dallas, TX and are experiencing printing problems, please download the 3.56 update.

Visit our Downloads & Support Page to get it.


It's here! The all new Expansion Pack adds HUNDREDS of new graphics to My Print Boutique 3! Plus more:

  • 70 New Backgrounds
  • 450 New Borders
  • Each new graphic has unique versions for both post cards and flyers
  • Larger Fonts on Business Cards


My Print Boutique version 3.56 is Now Available!

My Print Boutique 3.56 is now available for downloading, free to all users of version 3.

What's new in 3.56:

  • Complete control over text! You can now manually create, move, resize, and delete the Text Frames in your projects.
  • Context-sensitive balloon help follows the mouse pointer to explain the function of everything you point at.
  • The new Zoom feature allows you to zoom in on your creations.
  • High Quality Image Preview allows you to view your image in enhanced mode. This feature makes the text and graphics appear smoother on your screen, giving a more accurate representation of what the printed version will look like.
  • Built-in HP Printer Mode update for users of older HP printers.

Visit our Downloads & Support Page to get it!


Information for users of versions prior to version 3:

Productivity Systems is pleased to announce that it is under new ownership.

What does this mean to you?

  • The premiere of the completely redesigned, revolutionary My Print Boutique version 3!
  • New product support
  • New upgrade pricing options for users of older versions

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